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Energy Healing

Free Energy Healing from your desktop! Free Spiritual Energy Healing Mandala Screensaver
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Energy Healing
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10 December 2008

Editor's review

If you are busy executive then it is quite possible that the stress takes over your mind and you may feel highly exhausted. This loss of energy even causes low performance and sometimes you may feel like throwing your PC and go back to home. Now you can enjoy working and yet find your energy level revitalized while sitting in front your PC. Well this made possible by the Energy Healing 1.0 that would revive you energy when you take small breaks while working. It’s a screensaver program that presents variety of Mandalas helping you to spiritually heal your energy level. These Mandalas are filled with high vibration energy levels that would certainly help you attain the much required solace. So whenever you feel much stressed, juts sit back and let the Energy Healing screensaver fill your desktop with vibrant coloured Mandalas.

Energy Healing 1.0 is a fantastic screen saver application that can be installed in simple steps. Before applying the screensaver you can right-click on program icon and click Test to get a hint what it feels like. When you’re ready to set it as your default screensaver, then click ‘Install’ from the right-click menu. Further, if you want to change screensaver’s appearance or other attributes, press ‘Configure’ and the application provides a dialog box containing different settings. Using the first Configuration option, ‘General’, you can set; the display duration for each image, the Item order, and enable the feature to Start image painting on Desktop. Next, the Position option enables you to choose the features for the ‘Item Size’ to fit screen, and the Item Position to be Center or Random Position. Likewise, you can choose the Effects and their speed, configure the sound options, and set the screensaver Exit Conditions. Apply the changes and enjoy the Mandalas healing your energy.

Energy Healing 1.0 provides impressive screensaver containing Energy Healing Mandalas that would help you revive you energy levels and keep you working without being stressed. The application is rated at 4/5 points for the magnificent graphics of the Mandala images, and easy configuration features.

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Free Energy Healing from your desktop! Free Spiritual Energy Healing Mandala Screensaver by Enjoy soul healing mandalas specially attuned with high vibrational energy healing you receive each time you view the screensaver. Just sit back and focus on the images as they appear before you. Begin your day with a free energy healing attunement. It does a body good!
Energy Healing
Energy Healing
Version 1.0
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